African Bird Identification
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African Black Crake
African Fish Eagle (Black Legs)
African Hawk Eagle (White Legs)

African Marsh Owl
African Spoonbill

Arrow-Marked Babbler
Banded Martin
Black-Faced Waxbill
Blacksmith Lapwing Plover
Black-Winged Stilt
Blue WaxBill (Male)

Blue WaxBill (Female)
Burchell's Coucal

Cape White Eye Warbler
Cattle Egret
Crested Barbet
Crowned Plover
Egyptian Goose
European Swallow

Fire Finch
Fork-Tailed Drongo
Francolin (AKA Swainson's Spurfowl)
Great Sparrow
Great White Egret
Green (Red-Billed) Woodhoopoe
Green-Backed Heron (AKA Striated Heron)
Grey Backed Bleating Warbler
Grey Heron
Grey Lourie (AKA Grey Go-Away-Bird)
Hadeda Ibis
Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Knob-Billed Duck (AKA Comb Duck)
Kori Bustard
Laughing Dove
Lesser-Grey Shrike
Lesser Masked Weaver
Lilac Breasted Roller
Little Bee Eater
Little Egret (Yellow Feet)
Magpie Shrike
Malachite Kingfisher
Marico Flycatcher
Meves Starling
Namaqua Dove
Night Jar
Open-Billed Stork
Ostrich (Male=Black, Female=Brown)
Owl (I need ID's - Please help if you can)

Pied Babbler
Pied Kingfisher

Red-Backed Shrike

Red-Billed Hornbill

Red-Billed OxPecker
Red-Billed Quelea
Ring-Neck Dove (AKA Cape Turtle Dove)
Saddle-Billed Stork

Secretary Bird
Southern Masked Weaver (Male)
Southern Masked Weaver (Female)
Speckled Mousebird
Spotted Thick-Knee Dikkop
Three-Banded Plover
Wattled Starling
White-Faced Ducks

White-Fronted Bee Eater

White Stork
Wood Sandpiper
Woodlands Kingfisher
Yellow-Billed Hornbill
Yellow-Billed Stork

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